No Gi rules

General Rule:

Groin guard, gum shield, ear guard allowed.

Rash guard/Fitted t-shirt or no top, Shorts with a drawstring must be worn, no pockets on the shorts.
Wrestling/Martial Arts shoes are allowed.

Excessive grabbing of clothing is not allowed. You cannot use clothing for submissions.

Excessive taping of hands, wrists, feet and head are not allowed
FIGHT Divisions (Levels) 
Due to different styles having different belt systems – we are running categories by years of experience.

BEGINNERS: 0-1 yrs experience – 5 min rounds
A. 1-3 yrs experience – 5 min rounds
B. 3-6 yrs experience – 5 min rounds
C. 6 plus yrs experience – 6 min rounds

Aboslute – 5 minutes

Weigh in: 
Competitors will be weighed at the start of the day at the event venue.

Weight Catagories: 
Mens Weight Classes
·- 59 Kg
·- 69 Kg
·- 79 Kg
·- 89Kg
·- 99 Kg
·+ 100 Kg
·Absolute Class

Womans Weight Classes
·Absolute Class

Absolute for adults only: 
There will be an Absolute division which is an open event for all experience levels, all ages and all weights.

Juvenile (15-17 yrs old)

Youth (14yrs and under) -59kg

Youth (14yrs and under) -53kg

Youth (14yrs and under) -47kg

Youth (14yrs and under) -41kg

Youth (14yrs and under) -35kg

Youth (14yrs and under) -29kg

Masters categories:

Due to the small number of Masters entering the event and us having to merge age categories to get fights for the people who have entered, we will be merging the Adult and Masters Categories until we have a significant change in the number of masters entering.

What if no one is in my division?
If no one is in your division, you automatically get GOLD for that category and get moved up into the next weight division so you can compete.



Kids & Teens Adults (18Yrs Plus)
Straight Foot Locks LEGAL LEGAL
Straight Knee Bars LEGAL LEGAL
Controlled Calf Crunches(Calf Compressions or Slicers) ILLEGAL LEGAL
Rib Compression from guard(Squeezing w/legs on Body) ILLEGAL LEGAL
Triangle Chokes LEGAL LEGAL
Electric Chair(Leg / Groin stretch Submissions) ILLEGAL LEGAL
Guillotines(Choke/Note: Kids & Teens may NOT apply Guillotines standing) LEGAL LEGAL
Straight Arm Bars LEGAL LEGAL
No Gi Ezekiel Choke ILLEGAL LEGAL
Slamming(To escape guard or as ameans to escape a submission) ILLEGAL ILLEGAL
Squeezing Windpipe(both hands gripping and putting pressure onTrachea) ILLEGAL ILLEGAL
Smothering(Placing hand over mouth &nose) ILLEGAL ILLEGAL

During the Match:

Stalling on the ground:
The referee has the right to restart the match standing.
Competitors going off the mat:
The match can be stopped by the referee and the competitors will be moved to the middle of the ring/mat in the same position if that position can be determined by the referee.
Time Stoppage:
The referee has the right to stop time and check the condition of the fighters (cuts, injuries, etc.)
Stalling/No Take Down:
If no take down occurs the competitors might be re-started from the on their  Knee Position at the discretion of the referee.

Ways to win:

By submission:
By opponent tapping or verbally – Consciously Submitting – It is VERY important that all competitors understand how to “Tap-Out” when caught in a submission technique.
Tapping out can be done both verbally or through a physical tap.  A competitor can tap with their hands, feet or even a nod of their head.
This “Tapping” is a conscious admittance of loss or surrender to an opponent.
Referee Stoppage:
(TKO, cuts, feels fighter is not capable of defending himself), Doctor Stoppage
If the match does not end by submission the referee will choose the winner based on the points via the judges table.
Draw on points:
If a match is a “Draw on Points”, then there will be a 2-minute overtime.
Judges are encouraged to choose a winner in every match should it not end by submission.

All Submission Techniques are legal (including knee locks, guillotine chokes, wrist locks, etc.) except those listed below under “Illegal Techniques”.


Corner throws in the towel
Judges decision
No Contest

Grapplers Showdown NO-GI Challenge POINT SCORING SYSTEM:

Quick Guide To Points:

4 points ·mount, back grab

3 points ·passing the guard

2 points ·take downs, sweeps, reversals and knee on the belly, Advantage

-1, -2…  ·Penalties (stalling, etc same as BJJ federation rules. For submission wrestlers, you would not be deducted points if you jump to guard straight away)

1, 2 Points … ·Advantages

All positions must be held for 3 seconds to be awarded the points. If by end of fight there have been no submissions and points are equal then it will be:
Draw on points:
If a match is a “Draw on Points”, then there will be a 2-minute overtime.
Judges are encouraged to choose a winner in every match should it not end by submission.


Full Advantage (2 Points) is awarded for all Takedowns.
In determining the Takedown, the referee will look to who initiated the takedown, and how it ended up. Thus if one player shoots, his opponent sprawls, and the sprawling opponent then pulls Guard, a Takedown is awarded, as the initial movement was a Takedown attempt. If however a player aggressively pulls Guard from standing, no Takedown is awarded.
Full Advantage (2 Points) is awarded Controlling your opponent is a crucial step to obtaining a Submission, thus Full Advantage (2 Points) is awarded for aggressively obtaining Dominant Control. Dominant Control is any secure form of control that lends itself to submission. The control has to be long enough to set up a submission attempt, which can be as short as a second or two. These forms of control include: -Back Mount*;  -Cross Side; -Head and Arm; -Knee on Stomach; -Mount; -North/South; *Hooks are not required for Back Mount control.

(1 Point) is awarded for a Submission Attempt that is significant but does not meet the above criteria.

Full Advantage (2 Points) is awarded
-Sweep From Guard to a Dominant Position. Further, if you take the Back from Guard, this is the functional equivalent to a Sweep. -Full Reverse, defined as going from the bottom of a Dominant Position to the top of a Dominant Position, leaving the situation totally reversed. For Example: You are bottom North-South, you roll the top player, and end up with top North-South.

Full Advantage (2 Points) is awarded for a Full and Strong Submission Attempt. A Submission is recognized as Full and Strong when is one or more of the following occurs:

-The opponent takes time to escape;  -Upon escaping, the opponent does not instantly move to an attack of his own, but instead assumes a defensive posture;  -The defender is ‘In Danger’ – the finish has the potential for completion (if a kneebar, the hips have to be placed correctly, if a choke, the neck must have been reached, etc.);

If a competitor simply transitions between Dominant Positions, he does not achieve additional points. For example, if you have Side Control, and you go to Mount, and then Knee on Stomach, no additional points are awarded.


Illegal Techniques:
No striking / kicking of any kind
No eye gouging
No grabbing the ears
No hair pulling, biting
No deliberately touching groin area
No finger or toe holds
No thumbing
No scratching and pinching
No hands, knees or elbows on face (you can only push the forehead or side of face)
No slippery substances allowed on body or clothing
No full nelsons·which do not allow the opponent to tap.
No heel hooks
No bicep crush
No guillotines using the opponents chin, which puts pressure on the upper spine of the opponent, but will not allow them to escape.
No neck cranks.
No Spitting or swearing.
No Putting a finger into any orifice.
No Interference by a corner with any official or fighter.
No Attacking an opponent in any of these circumstances:
1.      Before the fight has started
2.      After the fight has ended
3.      During a rest period between rounds
4.      When an opponent is being looked at by the medic or any other official

NO SLAMMING to escape submissions or guard (elevated throws are allowed)


GRAPPLERS SHOWDOWN enforces zero tolerance on disrespect, threatening with physical violence, or verbally abusing towards anyone during the event. If any coach, competitor, friends or family of competitors threatens or abuses anyone within the event in any shape or form, they will be escorted out of the building and their team will be banned from any future event held by GRAPPLERS SHOWDOWN and partners.


Hygiene rule:
 All competitors must wear a clean competition uniform (gi, shorts, shirt, etc.).  If a referee feels this criteria has not been met they will not allow the competitor to compete.  Please wear clean clothing.
All Nails are cut and clean.