About us

Grapplers Showdown was established in 2008 with the purpose of uniting all grappling arts together under one roof in a friendly competition of different styles, giving martial artists from grappling background to test their style/skills against others from different grappling back grounds. We have been holding successful events for the past years and look forward to bringing bigger and better events in the future. Grapplers Showdown started out as the biggest no gi competition event in London attracting over 150 competitors in the first event along with famous names such asĀ Tom Watson, Alex Ried, Brad Pickett, Deniston Sutherland, Stav economu. The event has also brought interest from Europe, and many have travelled from France, Serbia, Spain, Holland, Poland, Russia and Norway to mention a few. Grapplers Showdown is a London based event which is seeing its No Gi challenge grow in size and level of skill the athletes bring with them every year.